Arddangoswyr Llandudno 2023

Ein Arddangoswyr yn Venue Cymru, Llandudno

Practice Pal Music
Practice Pal modernises the music education experience and solves a critical cultural problem: the disappearance of effective, enjoyable, and accessible music education from schools. Applying convenient, user-friendly technology to learning, Practice Pal transforms how institutions and students move through music education together.
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Assessment360, formerly Assessment Foundation, is known for creating ground-breaking, user-friendly assessment tools. Designed alongside Welsh education professionals, Taith360 is built specifically for the new Curriculum for Wales. Plan – Track – Assess, Taith360 is the accessible, complete assessment solution for all settings.
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The M Word
Bridging the gap between Mental Health & Autism. Helping our clients with a Mental Health Assessment and, if deemed necessary, an initial screening for those who believe they show traits of Autism, ADHD, and (more often than not) PDA profile.
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Rhif stand: 13
Autopress Education
Autopress Education specialise in the design, manufacture and sourcing of excellent numeracy and literacy resources for primary schools.
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Academi Genedlaethol ar gyfer Arweinyddiaeth Addysgol Cymru
Mae'r Academi Genedlaethol ar gyfer Arweinyddiaeth Addysgol Cymru yn cyfrannu at ddatblygiad galluoedd proffesiynol arweinwyr presennol a darpar arweinwyr ar draws system addysg Cymru, gan weithredu fel arweinydd meddwl a dod ag eglurder a chydlyniad i arweinyddiaeth addysgol yng Nghymru.
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Rhif stand: 48 a 49
Fun & Active Play
Fun & Active Playgrounds is an industry-leading provider of thermoplastic playground markings for outdoor play and learning, for schools and nurseries across the UK. With over 200 engaging designs to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone!
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Rhif stand: 50
Several years’ experience supporting schools in Wales through multiple curriculum changes, providing powerful insights with data that truly informs teaching and learning. Your SMID team look forward to meeting you at this year’s conference.
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Rhif stand: 51
Hamish & Milo
Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention - an innovative, comprehensive emotional literacy programme that delivers the complete package; the tools, guidance, and explicit resources for ELSA’s, Mental Health Leads and SENCOs to provide nurture wellbeing intervention sessions for emotionally vulnerable primary-aged children.
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Rhif stand: 60
Fusion Education People Solutions
Fusion Education People Solutions provide innovative HR software and services developed specifically for the education sector. Trusted by over 1000 schools across the UK, their software is designed and built by HR education specialists, specifically for schools.
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Rhif stand: 66 & 73
Hey Kanga
Hey Kanga puts the can-do into active learning. Close the gap between physical fitness and academic success with infectiously fun, plug-and-play videos from Hey Kanga. Let’s get moving and mindful in minutes.
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Rhif stand: 67
NSM Training & Consultancy Ltd
Providing practical and high-quality teacher training, CPD courses, INSET training for teachers and other school staff. We offer a wide range of courses on: Leadership & Management; Behaviour & Pastoral; Engaging Parents; Attendance; Mental Health & Wellbeing; Mindset & Resilience.
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Rhif stand: 69 & 70
IDL Literacy and IDL Numeracy
IDL Literacy and IDL Numeracy are award winning software programmes designed to help pupils struggling with reading, spelling and Maths at both primary and secondary level. Both were specifically designed with dyslexic/dyscalculic pupils in mind, and currently used by thousands of children here and overseas.
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Rhif stand: 93 & 94
The Brilliant Club
The Brilliant Club works with schools and universities across the UK. We mobilise the PhD community to support students who are less advantaged to access the most competitive universities and succeed when they get there.
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Rhif stand: 121