Progressive teaching of language skills using engaging texts.

Come and find out how The Literacy Company’s mastery approach to the teaching of key language skills can support you in school. We will share with you our clear, progressive mapping of skills (linked to Curriculum for Wales 2022 overviews for Language, Literacy and Communication) and how we weave these into our unit plans. All skills are taught through engaging texts which cover a variety of themes and core purposes e.g. inspirational black lives, the environment, refugees. Free trial unit available per school plus a chance to win a set of accompanying books.

More able readers understand some of the techniques the author has used and then use this effectively in their own writing. For example, after reading about the sadness of ‘Alba the Hundred-Year-Old Fish’, they write their own story about climate change and use similar techniques to evoke emotion in the reader. 

The teaching of literacy skills, particularly writing, is systematic and progressive across the school. As a result, most pupils make high levels of progress. Estyn, Ysgol Y Waun, December 2022

Sian Collinson

The Literacy Company