SOLD OUT!! A practical Science Seminar to Inspire future scientists!

SOLD OUT!! The session, led by Awen Ashworth, will give you the opportunity to learn about Science in the Early Years. As a practical session, you will have a go at the simple Science experiments that you can deliver in the classroom. The session will give you an insight to the different methods of introducing Science by using simple equipment. With the new Curriculum in Wales now being delivered, both Science and Technology is one of the 6 areas of learning and experience.

This seminar will:

– Give you more confidence to deliver simple experiments with the children;
– Show opportunities where you can target learning measure for levelling work;
– Better understanding of Science;
– Help the children in your classroom to learn about the simple principles of Science;
– Be an inspiration and be full of fun!


At the end of the seminar, you will:

– See the link between Science and day-to-day life, so that the children will understand it’s importance, and how interesting and relevant Science is to their world;
– Be able to inspire the children to gain an interest in the subject from a young age;
– Be able to deliver experiments in a fun and safe way;
– Be able to encourage the development of other important skills, such as problem solving, team work and individual work.

Awen Ashworth