Get Kids Moving and Mindful in Minutes!

Learn how to use SEAL (Social-Emotional-ACTIVE-Learning) to bring out each kid’s personal best.  Maximize the proven connection between academic performance and increased physical activity to enhance your core academics, physical education program, family engagement, and faculty wellness with the use of online software and video curriculum.

During this session, we will cover the 4 main tenants of SEAL:

Physical Coordination – Hey Kanga provides a strong foundation for emotional and cognitive development by helping kids strengthen lungs, muscles, and bones while developing motor skills, spatial awareness, body confidence, and healthy self-care habits.

Social Connection – Hey Kanga helps kids create and sustain healthy connections with one another through a positive sense of self, an awareness of others’ needs, and an ability to collaborate and navigate peer relationships.

Academic Cognition – From persistence to positive self-talk, Hey Kanga delivers proven cognitive benefits of physical activity as an emotional outlet, a source of joy, and a way to optimize confidence, focus, and academic performance.

Personal Character – Hey Kanga helps kids develop resilience, confidence, and character — including the positive self-esteem and healthy response to challenge they need to thrive through their school days and for a lifetime.

Hey Kanga!