Engaging the Disengaged

As you all know, youth work is about as far from a ‘one size fits all’ industry as you could imagine. The common theme across all of our work is the goal to inspire young people to be the protagonists of their own lives and raise their ambitions to a level that matches their potential.


Some of the young people we interact with have had this message constantly reinforced throughout their lives by the people and the institutions they have interacted with. Some have not. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect with and inspire young people who may find themselves disengaged and disenfranchised.
Across the sector, we all achieve this in a variety of amazing ways. This workshop breaks down our unorthodox approach to building workshops and youth programmes; and the tactics that we use to keep the interest and attention of those that we have traditionally struggled with.
1. Establish the Why
2. Gamification
3. It’s Not That Deep
4. Infectious Energy
5. Personal Storytelling

Calvin Eden

Loud Speaker