Is Lesson Study worth the effort?

During this seminar for teachers, leaders and teacher educators, Hazel Wordsworth draws on research on Lesson Study with pre-service teachers and teacher educators in the CaBan partnership completed during the 2021-22 academic year.

This research focused on using Lesson Study as a professional development tool to support collaborative working, to develop a shared understanding of educational theory and practice and to build collective responsibility for teaching and learning. In this session we will share the findings of this research. She will discuss the opportunities and challenges we have faced and the impact this work has had on both the learners in the classroom and the educators involved.

Hazel will outline how this work has supported the partnership to realise our vision of CaBan as a learning organisation She will then conclude with suggestions for how this approach can be employed in a wide range of educational settings to improve collaborative professional learning for all education practitioners

Hazel Jane Wordsworth
Director of Initial Teacher Education CaBan Partnership Bangor University