Reading & Writing For Life

Motivating your students through genuine engagement is the route to successful learning. Helping students see how they will be richer from your lessons and the relevance of those lessons to their lives is absolutely essential. Hywel and Martin offer some practical ideas and deep thinking about success in your classroom. They will consider how to tell imaginative stories and develop reading and writing skills useful to the world of the 21st Century. They will also work on writing stories and consider the ways in which reading and writing can broaden your world,
your expectations, your confidence and your skills as a communicator. Looking at real writing for real purposes with genuine audiences is at the heart of developing strong approaches to how we read and how we write.

Hywel Roberts

Travelling Teacher, Education Consultant, Author

Martin Illingworth

Senior Lecturer in Education at Sheffield Hallam University, consultant teacher with The National Association for the Teaching of English and Associate Speaker with Independent Thinking.