Teaching your students to be Brilliant Rubbish Scientists

You might think that a world suffering a pandemic and a potentially catastrophic climate change would see scientists as their potential saviours. This hasn’t happened and large swathes of people have more faith in their own unfounded beliefs than scientific evidence.

Rubbish Science aims to build scientific literacy whilst solving real-world problems using only rubbish as a resource. In this session, you will learn how your students can make fly traps, bird feeders and grow plants hydroponically in plastic bottles.

All our activities are easy to do, but hard to do well. We will create curiosity by annoying them, developing creative problem-solving strategies and having a lot of fun whilst they are learning. We also aim to connect communities around the world to learn together.

You will need an empty matchbox a coin a piece of A4 paper and a plastic cup. What for? You will find out in the session (and it will amaze you!)

Neil Atkin