Three keys to become an SEMH Jedi (with even the most complex students)

Because its as easy as that isn’t it!!!


1,2,3 and you will leave this session with a light sabre.


After 15 years of Educational and Child Psychology practice I have condensed some of the most phenomenal practice into these three keys that will help ANY practitioner turn ANY student into a SUPER FAN. Hard to believe I know, but these approaches are tried and tested and have immediate impact.


I want to give you powerful PRACTICAL psychological tools that will turn those ‘PDA’ students into pussy cats (ones that don’t scratch). I will show you a highly effective way to win over students with attachment difficulties AND how to stand in front of those challenges student (and classes) with confidence and conviction.  We will look at ways to understand the function on student behaviours IN MINUTES, no really, minutes and how to redirect it FAST.


And how about this for an added bonus… ill show you how to never take it personally again!!!


Leave this session with ready to go strategies for your next day in school.

Dr LJ Ducksbury