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Developed in collaboration with schools and local authorities, Taith360 provides support for teachers when planning lessons, tracking pupils progress through the curriculum and reporting on this progress alongside other contextual data about the pupil.
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Cyngor Llyfrau a Canolfan Peniarth
Stocking over 11,000 titles in English and Welsh, the Books Council has a wide range of books about Wales for the educational sector. Every order placed supports Welsh jobs and the economy, by supporting Welsh publishers and independent bookshops.
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Xplore Science Discovery Centre
Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is the home for science in North Wales. With mind-blowing experiments and exhibits, your pupils will remain engaged with amazing STEM activities both in our science centre and in your school that fit your needs.
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Sovereign Play
A major supplier of playground equipment, Sovereign has completed over 10,000 projects that provide enjoyment to more than two million children every year. Sovereign offer a FREE no obligation consultancy and design service to create a fun learning environment for your school.
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NAHT is both a union and professional association for senior and middle leaders in primary and secondary education. Our unrivalled professional and personal development paths, expertise and legal protection will support you on your career journey.
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Aspire 2Be is a multi-award-winning learning technology company - and the only company in the UK to be a professional partner with Google, Apple and Microsoft - delivering learning solutions, professional development, online platform builds and digital transformation to the Education sector.
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A Welsh Government project assisting schools to - provide a wider and equitable choice of subjects at post 14 & 16 - support Welsh medium education - develop a network of staff delivering online learning in all subject areas
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Community Playthings
Since 1947 Community Playthings, has designed and manufactured solid wood furniture and play equipment, drawing on expertise from childcare professionals across the UK and internationally.
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National Academy for Educational Leadership
Contributes to the development of the professional capabilities of current and aspiring leaders across the Welsh education system, acting as a thought leader and bringing clarity and coherence to educational leadership in Wales.
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YHA (England & Wales) LTD
YHA (England & Wales) is a leading national youth charity and provider of high quality residential school trips. We have more than 80 Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) accredited sites amongst our network of over 150 hostels — more than any other UK residential provider.
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Cornerstones Education has a long history of producing high-quality resources for primary schools in Wales. Cornerstones has developed Cwricwlwm Maestro, a revolutionary platform offering primary schools the content, tools and resources to design, develop, implement and assess a bespoke curriculum.
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Jigsaw Education Group
Jigsaw offers a range of resources that can provide schools with teaching materials to support the Health and Well-being AoLE, RSE Code, Outdoor learning and the Religion, Values and Ethics area of the CfW. Also, offering school interventions to support family engagement and lunchtime activities.
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Little Magic Train
Providing you and your team with the resources, skills and continued support to create a learning environment full of imagination, movement, and creativity. The ideal resource for your team and ALL children. Resources available in Welsh medium. What are you waiting for?
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NSM Training & Consultancy Ltd
Providing practical and high-quality teacher training, CPD courses, INSET training for teachers and other school staff. We offer a wide range of courses on: Leadership & Management; Behaviour & Pastoral; Engaging Parents; Attendance; Mental Health & Wellbeing; Mindset & Resilience.
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Speech and Language Link
Created and supported by our team of speech and language therapists, Speech and Language Link’s award-winning, online speech and language assessments, guided interventions, staff training and resources empower schools in their work with speech, language and communication needs.
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IDL Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing
Our award winning software programmes help pupils struggling with Literacy or Numeracy. IDL Wellbeing helps to identify and understand feelings in order to improve mental health and resilience. All three programmes are mainly used by pupils aged 7-13 in the UK and overseas.
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Signature is a UK awarding body for deaf communication and language qualifications in the UK. With over 40 years’ experience, we’ve supported more than 500,000 people to learn British Sign Language
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Senedd Cymru / Welsh Parliament
The Welsh Parliament is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people. Commonly known as the Senedd, it makes laws for Wales, agrees Welsh taxes and holds the Welsh Government to account.
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Cyngor y Gweithlu Addysg (CGA) / Addysgwyr Cymru
Cyngor y Gweithlu Addysg (CGA) yw’r rheoleiddiwr annibynnol, proffesiynol ar gyfer gweithlu addysg Cymru. Mae Addysgwyr Cymru (cyllidir gan Lywodraeth Cymru, darparu gan CGA), yn cynnig gwasanaethau sy’n dod â gwasanaethau gyrfa, hyfforddiant a swyddi ynghyd mewn un man hygyrch.
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Orakel Ltd
Orakel - Producer of products for use in the educational industry, specialising in Tokens, Wristbands, Lanyards, Badges, Medals. Commercial soft play products designed to promote fun, play and exercise, such as Ball Pit Balls, inflatable Balls and Hoppers.
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NFU Education
We're on a mission to bring food and farming education to schools in England and Wales! Through engaging and cross-curricular problem-based learning, we aim to reconnect children with their food, farming and the great outdoors.
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GL Assessment
The right assessments are vital for evidencing performance and uncovering your students’ potential, whether as part of your school’s ongoing assessment cycle or your admissions process. With over 40 years' experience of working with schools, our assessments can help you secure the best possible outcomes for your students.
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