Improve children’s skills through Taskmaster. Your time starts now

Taskmaster Education was set up with the aim of taking elements of the Channel 4
television show, Taskmaster, and using them to inspire, engage and teach children
and young people.

Through a variety of means, including clubs, resources, shows, and written content,
Taskmaster Education is honing skills, such as problem-solving, lateral thinking,
teamwork, creativity, and resilience, through educational and engaging task-based

The beauty of Taskmaster is that its format can be adapted to meet a near infinite
range of teacher objectives, whether curriculum-based or more focused on social
and emotional development. In this seminar, we will highlight how this can be done
in a way that maximizes the inculcation of skills. The seminar will be fun, interactive
and educational, showing teachers how Taskmaster can be an engaging and
inclusive vehicle for education at all ages.

Dr Ali Struthers – & James Blake-Lobb