Arddangoswyr Caerdydd 2023

"Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform to make any video for your lesson, with more than 30 million ready to go video lessons, over 500,000 active schools around the world sharing videos weekly and more than 50 million students learning with Edpuzzle!"
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Cymwysterau Cymru
Cymwysterau Cymru yw’r rheoleiddiwr annibynnol sy'n gyfrifol am reoleiddio cymwysterau, ac eithrio graddau, yng Nghymru. Mae dysgwyr wrth wraidd yr hyn a wnawn, ac rydym am iddynt fod yn hyderus fod eu cymwysterau'n gofnod teg, dibynadwy a gwerthfawr o'u gwybodaeth, eu sgiliau a'u dealltwriaeth.
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ESPO - professional buying organisation, committed to providing value for money by pursuing best practice in procurement. Offering over 25,000 products at consistently low prices, and free to access frameworks, ESPO is a One Stop Shop for all your procurement needs.
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Rhif stand: 7
Learn Play Nexus
At Nexus, we believe in learning through play. In partnership with educational consultants, we design and supply unique and innovative educational resources. We care about the environment and are always looking for new sustainable ways to produce our products.
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Rhif stand: 10
CGA/Addysgwyr Cymru
Mae Addysgwyr Cymru yn wasanaeth a ariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru ac a ddatblygwyd gan Gyngor y Gweithlu Addysg i hyrwyddo gyrfaoedd yn y proffesiwn addysg yng Nghymru. Addysgwyr Cymru yw brand, gwefan a gwasanaeth eiriolaeth a chymorth recriwtio i gynyddu cyfleoedd hyfforddi a dilyniant i bobl sy’n gweithio ym myd addysg yng Nghymru.
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Rhif stand: 16
Advocacy Support Cymru (ASC)
Advocacy Support Cymru (ASC) is a registered charity that specialises in the provision of confidential, independent mental health advocacy. We provide training in ASIST and safeTALK suicide intervention and prevention workshops, as well as the award-winning communication tool, Talking Mats.
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Rhif stand: 19
'Zoology' is an outreach programme focused on the importance of biodiversity and its conservation. We provide educational sessions based around the natural world, covering topics such as habitats, food chains, and conservation.
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Rhif stand: 21
Designs and Lines
We are a UK leading specialist in playground markings with over 20 years’ experience. We work with schools and other organisations to transform playgrounds into fun, educational spaces. Our markings are non slip, environmentally friendly, and come with a 4 year warranty.
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Rhif stand: 24
Field Studies Council
Field Studies Council is an environmental education charity with a proud 80-year history of delivering high quality fieldwork and outdoor learning. Their network of residential centres provide accessible opportunities for people to discover, explore and understand the natural world.
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Rhif stand: 25
YHA (England & Wales)
YHA (England & Wales) is a leading national youth charity and provider of high quality residential school trips. We have more than 80 Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) accredited sites amongst our network of over 150 hostels — more than any other UK residential provider.
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Rhif stand: 27
ReadSpeaker TextAid
ReadSpeaker TextAid provides seamless literacy support for struggling readers. We strive to help students build lifelong learning skills, build confidence, and achieve academic success. Speech-enable any text making it accessible to all, creating an inclusive learning environment.
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Rhif stand: 35
Equal Education Partners
We work with schools, FE colleges, governments, universities and EDtech companies to address complex challenges. We strive to improve talent attraction & retention, address attainment gaps through impactful tutoring and widen access to higher education through a series of HE and STEM partnerships.
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Rhif stand: 36
ACT deliver a long list of training programmes, short courses and qualifications that help people reach their full potential. From Jobs Growth Wales+, Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships across 30 different sectors.
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Rhif stand: 39
International Links Global - ILG
ILG are a not-for-profit organisation who support schools in designing, developing and implementing an international dimension in line with the new Curriculum for Wales. Achieved through life-changing opportunities for learners and educators, through exchange visits, CPD courses and much more.
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Rhif stand: 41
Aneurin Leisure Trust
Based in southeast Wales, Bryn Bach Park is a local nature reserve offering a range of bespoke educational courses to inspire and enthuse pupils of all ages and abilities. The new 37-bed bunkhouse offers the perfect base for children to learn new skills and develop team working abilities all within the 340 acres of the park.
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Rhif stand: 43 & 44
Jigsaw, the mindful approach to Health and Wellbeing supports teachers to champion children and young people through a whole-school approach. Jigsaw provides all teaching resources, helping teachers to confidently teach the Health and Well-being AoLE, perfectly connecting PSE and RSE.
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Rhif stand: 48 a 49
Tucasi work with schools, academies, colleges, multi academy trusts, local authorities and caterers to provide software to support seamless administration. Transforming how every school manages payments, events and parental engagement.
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Rhif stand: 50
The Literacy Company
The Literacy Company is a team of dedicated consultants who work closely with schools to enhance the curriculum and to improve standards in literacy. We are passionate about what we do and have many years of experience in teaching and advisory work. Our aim is to share practical, effective and enjoyable strategies to enhance classroom teaching for teachers and children alike.
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Rhif stand: 51
Elementary Technology
The leading supplier of technology into education, and approved sole supplier of interactive touchscreens into Cardiff local authority schools. Committed to excellent service, sharing knowledge and expertise and always delivering outstanding training.
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Rhif stand: 52,53 & 54
CPOMS is the market leading software solution for monitoring Safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues. Working alongside your existing safeguarding processes, CPOMS is an intuitive system which helps to ensure that children and young people are safe and fully supported.
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Rhif stand: 55
Assessment360 has been a leading assessment software provider in Wales for over 10 years. Our latest tool, Taith360, offers schools the ability to plan, track and report against the key elements of the new Curriculum for Wales including the Statements of What Matters and the Principles of Progression. Come and find out more.
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Rhif stand: 58
Giglets Education
Giglets supercharges literacy and language learning with accessible and engaging online multilingual texts and resources aligned to Curriculum for Wales. The Education Engagement Team supports the delivery of Giglets in schools with training and support available in English and Welsh.
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Rhif stand: 63
Schools ICTS
School ICT is the largest independent MIS Support provider to Schools and Academies throughout the UK, providing best in class support to over 1000 schools. We also provide training, consultancy and have a virtual data management team.
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Rhif stand: 64
Platfform Wellbeing
Platfform Wellbeing provides training around mental health, workplace wellbeing support and counselling to teachers and students across the UK. We aim to bring an alternative trauma-informed approach to mental health, working with the Education sector to build empathy, understanding, and connection.
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Rhif stand: 65
Inspirational Futures
We are a not-for-profit business based in South Wales promoting positive mental health for all through our range of workshops and resources. We focus on the NHS 5 Ways to Well-being whilst also linking to the New Curriculum for Wales
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Rhif stand: 72
YPO has almost 50 years’ experience in helping the public sector achieve the best possible value when buying products and services. As public value champions, we’re dedicated to providing great support and added value, as well meeting your changing needs for greater flexibility, innovation and sustainability.
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Rhif stand: 77
Teacher Active
TeacherActive is a specialist education recruitment agency which believes that there’s a perfect school for everyone. It’s our mission to see the best potential in people to find that special match, creating opportunities and driving progress that all pupils deserve.
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Rhif stand: 79
2Simple has been making powerful educational software for schools for over 20 years. We are committed to providing creative, inclusive, and inspiring software to encourage children to love learning and prepare them for later life. Our range of digital resources can support schools with education across the curriculum, leadership and wellbeing.
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Rhif stand: 83
Promote Your School
At Promote Your School we design, print and install bespoke Wall Art to transform your learning environment, inspire learning and improve wellbeing. Our highly experienced, in-house team creates every design bespoke to each school’s requirements.
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Rhif stand: 85
Wonde provides 25,000+ schools a simple yet powerful solution to quickly and securely maintain and manage their data whilst controlling how it is shared with third-party applications.
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Rhif stand: 87 & 88
Aspire 2Be is a multi-award-winning learning technology company - and the only company in the UK to be a professional partner with Google, Apple and Microsoft - delivering learning solutions, professional development, online platform builds and digital transformation to the Education sector.
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Rhif stand: 92
Created by educators, for educators, there are thousands of vacancies live on for teaching, support and leadership roles, plus career advice and resources available. Transform your career in education with Eteach.
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Rhif stand: 95 a 96
PAGS profile is the web app used by educators worldwide to assess learners’ strengths and identify gaps. PAGS suggests effective interventions, activities and resources that can be used with the whole class. Try it. Sign up for 60days PAGS free trial.
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Rhif stand: 99
Crisis Prevention Institute
Dedicated to changing behaviours and reducing conflict for everyone’s Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security. CPI acquired Pivotal Education (2017) to build a training portfolio ranging from culture change, to relationships as well as reducing the need for restrictive practices.
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Rhif stand: 100
The National Botanic Garden of Wales & Tadorna Wildlife
The National Botanic Garden of Wales & Tadorna Wildlife aim to bring wildlife and nature to everyone. Learn about plants and pollinators with the NBGW and delve into birds, ecology and creatures with the team from Tadorna Wildlife!
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Rhif stand: 107
Agored Cymru
Agored Cymru yw’r corff dyfarnu Cymreig, sy’n arwain addysg yng Nghymru, i Gymru. Rydym yn ymgysylltu ag ysgolion fel y gallant gael y cymwysterau a’r wasanaethau gorau, gan ddiwallu anghenion y Cwricwlwm newydd ar gyfer Cymru a thu hwnt
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Rhif stand: 111 a 112
Apollo Teaching
Apollo Teaching Services offer the highest possible standard of supply teaching staff and we pride ourselves on offering a personable, friendly and efficient service to both our candidates and client schools.
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Rhif stand: 119
Kitt Medical
Like a defibrillator, but for allergies. Kitt is an all-in-one anaphylaxis prevention and treatment system designed for schools & public spaces, combining life-saving medication (adrenaline auto-injectors/epipens) with easy-to-follow instructions, an online management system and training resources.
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Rhif stand: 120
Applicaa has created an education-specific cloud-based CRM for schools that has powerful modules that attract, engage and onboard students into all types of schools. Modules include the online management of marketing, admissions and bursaries.
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Rhif stand: 121
Boromi is a non-profit, award-winning network of bilingual (English and Welsh) Play Libraries. We work with educational settings to empower every parent to support and nurture their child’s early development through powerful, purposeful play and talk, together at home.
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Rhif stand: 124
IDL Literacy, IDL Numeracy and IDL Wellbeing
Our award winning software programmes help pupils struggling with Literacy or Numeracy. IDL Wellbeing helps to identify and understand feelings in order to improve mental health and resilience. All three programmes are mainly used by pupils aged 7-13 in the UK and overseas.
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Rhif stand: 125
GL Assessment
Our assessments are built on the best academic research and extensive trialling, use a powerful digital assessment system, and generate instant reports that enable you to make quick and effective use of the data.
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Rhif stand: 126
NFU Education
We're on a mission to bring food and farming education to schools in England and Wales! Through engaging and cross-curricular problem-based learning, we aim to reconnect children with their food, farming and the great outdoors.
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Rhif stand: 127
VEX Robotics
VEX Robotics is educational robotics for everybody. Our range includes robots that are suitable for use in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. Our free lesson plans and free teacher training mean that anybody can teach STEM with VEX.
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Rhif stand: 128
dbdplay specialises in the design and installation of school and nursery playgrounds. We are passionate about creating outdoor environments that stimulate learning and discovery, as well as activity and play.
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Rhif stand: 129
Autopress Education
Autopress Education specialise in the design, manufacture and sourcing of excellent numeracy and literacy resources for primary schools.
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Rhif stand: 130
Rhondda Heritage Park: Welsh Mining Experience
Award-winning educational sessions at an award-winning family attraction & museum, located on the site of the former Lewis Merthyr Colliery. Learn as you explore an epic international story that unfolded right here on our doorsteps.
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Rhif stand: 131
Exercise Books Direct
We are Exercise Books Direct, Europe’s largest manufacturer of exercise books. We are proud of our FREE personalisation service, which has proven to, increase students’ commitment, benefit school’s pride, provide students with a sense of belonging and improve learning environments.”
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Rhif stand: 132 & 133
Cyngor Llyfrau a Canolfan Peniarth
Rydym yn darparu gwasanaethau arbenigol i gyhoeddwyr ym meysydd golygu, dylunio, marchnata a dosbarthu er mwyn sicrhau safonau uchel o ran cynhyrchu a chyhoeddi deunydd yn y Gymraeg neu ddeunydd yn y Saesneg sy’n ymwneud â Chymru.
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Rhif stand: 134 a 135
Loud Speaker
At Loud Speaker, our mission is to give young people the tools to speak out and speak well. We do this by delivering high-energy, fun and impactful public speaking and confidence building workshops, all across the country
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Rhif stand: 136
Prifysgol Cymru Bangor
Mae gan yr Ysgol enw da ym maes hyfforddi athrawon, datblygiad proffesiynol ac arweinyddiaeth. Mae hyn yn galluogi graddedigion o’n rhaglenni i ddiwallu anghenion ysgolion a chyrff eraill cysylltiedig ag addysg gan ysbrydoli ac arwain newid ledled Prydain a thu hwnt.
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Rhif stand: 137
The Safeguarding Company
The Safeguarding Company provides the only total safeguarding approach available today and are trusted by schools across the UK to help them protect the children and young people in their care.
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Rhif stand: 138
Direct Access
Direct Access works with hundreds of schools every year to create School Accessibility Plans that looks at the physical structure of school buildings, understanding the online accessibility and supporting staff training and development for inclusive schools.
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Rhif stand: 139
Community Playthings
Since 1947 Community Playthings, has designed and manufactured solid wood furniture and play equipment, drawing on expertise from childcare professionals across the UK and internationally. Our products inspire play, support all aspects of child development and come with a 15-year warranty.
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Rhif stand: 140 a 141
NAHT is both a union and professional association for senior and middle leaders in primary and secondary education. Our unrivalled professional and personal development paths, expertise and legal protection will support you on your career journey.
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Rhif stand: 142
Little Magic Train
Providing you and your team with the resources, skills and continued support to create a nurturing learning environment. We use music, make-believe and movement as children learn best when they are moving and having fun. Ideal for children with ALN. Resources also available in Welsh.
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Rhif stand: 143
Y Felin Cyf
Siop lyfrau anibynol yng nghanol y ddinas yng Nghaerdydd. Mae ganddo ni gasgliad llawn o lyfrau ar gyfer plant, yr arddegau ac oedolion, Mae Felin Cyf yn darparu llyfrau ar gyfer meithrinfeydd, ysgolion a cholegau ar draws Prydain.
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Rhif stand: 144